Case Study: Acoustically Challenging Corporate Boardroom

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Our client, a leading corporation in the tourism industry, approached us with a unique challenge. They had a spacious boardroom characterized by extreme reverberations, making it difficult for participants to communicate effectively during on-line meetings. Despite the acoustical challenge, the client emphasized the importance of maintaining high aesthetic and acoustic standards, both in the room and the far end audio reproduction.

  1. Shure MXA710 Microphones: Dual Shure MXA710 microphones were strategically surface mounted in the middle of the boardroom table. Not only did these microphones offer exceptional voice clarity, but their sleek design complemented the room's aesthetics.
  2. Bi-Amp Tesira X-400: Bringing together total audio control and utilising the AI Engine to reduce the room reverberance picked up by the mics and provide clear speech reproduction for the remote participants of any meeting. This negated the need for room altering acoustic treatments.
  3. Lightware Taurus Vision and USB Management: We implemented the Lightware Taurus Vision and USB Management system for reliable switching of Unified Communications (UC) host devices. This solution utilized a 'Single cable' USB C approach for all connectivity needs, including charging laptops, ensuring seamless operation during meetings.
  4. AV Rack Positioning: To maintain a clean aesthetic, the AV rack was positioned discreetly within the room behind the display, minimizing visual clutter.
  5. LG Commercial Display: A 98" LG commercial display was chosen to suit the size of the room. Collaboration with a cabinetry contractor ensured seamless integration of the display into the room's design.
  6. Ceiling Speaker System: A ceiling speaker system was installed, focused specifically on the boardroom table area to minimize sound diffusion, and avoid exciting the rest of the room.
  7. Crestron Control System: The entire setup was unified and controlled using a Crestron Control System, allowing for easy management and operation of all elements within the boardroom environment.
  8. Bespoke Design Integration: Every aspect of the installation was meticulously planned to ensure all equipment worked together seamlessly, providing a reliable and trouble-free solution for the client.

Understanding the acoustical difficulties, the client sought a solution that not only addressed the reverberation issue but also blended seamlessly with the room's aesthetic. They were keen on avoiding extensive acoustic treatments, which would not only incur significant expenses but also compromise the room's visual appeal.


Our team proposed a comprehensive solution that integrated cutting-edge technology with elegant design, meeting the client's requirements for both functionality and aesthetics. Click here to view a list of the key AV components of the solution.

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Throughout the installation and commissioning process, our team worked closely with the client to ensure their needs and expectations were met. From initial design discussions to final implementation, collaboration was key to achieving the best possible result.

The implemented solution not only addressed the acoustical challenges of the boardroom but also exceeded the client's expectations in terms of aesthetics and functionality. With clear voice clarity and seamless integration of technology, meetings in the boardroom became more productive and efficient. By avoiding extensive acoustic treatments and focusing on elegant design solutions, we provided our client with a cost-effective yet high-quality solution that perfectly suited their needs.

In conclusion, the successful transformation of the client's acoustically challenging boardroom stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and excellence in meeting our client's needs.